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    INSTALO BG offers metal fabrication subcontracting services – laser and plasma cutting, bending, CNC machining and welding. We provide polymer powder coating, wet protection systems, assembly of end product. Our experience is in automotive industry, agriculture, pumps industrywith application, machines in the environmental area, construction, chemical industry, etc.

    NG Fоrmtech ltd. is a company specialized in manufacture of CNC machined parts. The main activity of the company is related to production of single and serial parts, non-standard and tooling equipment. We have free capacity for serial parts for a wide range of materials – steel, aluminium etc.

    More than 25 years Rommtech-3S have been the biggest private Bulgarian EMS ( Electronic Manufacturing Services provider). Our young dedicated team of professionals address various challenges in electronic assembly, plastic injection molding, metal sheet processing, cable harnesses and battery packs.



    In addition to the metal fabrication services like laser and plasma cutting, CNC machining, bending, welding and machine assembly Instalo BG has its own in-house painting and coating facility is among few ones in our region where we offer liquid and powder coatings.

    Instalo BG will be able to offer following services as it comes to finishing:

    • Primary chemical treatment of metal parts by degreasing and phosphating.
    • Polymer powder coating – electrostatic and tribo method of epoxy, epoxy-polyesters, polyesters and polyurethane powder compositions.
    • Liquid anti-corrosion protection systems with airless application of polymers – epoxy, vinyl, polyurethane, etc.
    • Thermoplastic coatings of polyamide and polyethylene by immersion (sintering) and electrostatic.

    The oven working dimensions are: 1.80m x 1.80m x 3.80m

    The facility will help us speed up the production and lead-times – you don’t have to repackage the product multiple times before shipment. Contact us: sales@instalo.bg.



    A brief look at some of the typical parts of our product range. Various material types, from Aluminum, mild steels, pre-hardened steels and hard materials up to HRC65.

    Despite its small dimensions, parts are complex enough to require high accuracy and precision processing of different types of machines – turning and milling centers, EDM, ground and cylindrical grinding machines. Our company can provide this and meet your strict requirements. Thanks to our close collaboration with our customers, we are able to improve significantly their productivity and reliability too.

    We always strive to optimize the manufacturing process by choosing the best technological method for production of parts, as in this way we reduce the production time and the cost of the final product. We can meet the needs of our customers both - single pieces and mass production of several hundred or thousands pieces.

    Contact us: office@ng-formtech.com

    Rommtech-3S introduces proven UVC air disinfection device


    R3S UVC60-40W is installed in over 500 schools and companies and counting.

    First-ever in Bulgaria proven interior air disinfection system, used in the presence of people, is being installed on a large scale. It battles COVID-19, viruses, bacteria and mold.

    Tests show that in the first hour the device drastically reduces the viral and bacterial load in a 150 m3 room by > 75% up to 3 times faster than competition. R3S UVC60-40W uses 36W UVC source OZONE Free.

    The product successfully passed safety laboratory certification and fulfills European standards. Safe indefinite use is possible in the presence of people, pets and plants.

    This remarkable technology is designed as a key solution for dealing with viruses in frequently-visited sites such as schools, retail, public administrations, hospitals, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, factories in the presence of people.

    R3S UVC60-40W has 2-year warranty. Order now: sales@rommtech-3s.com

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