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Aussteller PM

18/01/2023 Intec

UIBS Teamwork

IPOsystem - World's First Autonomous Decision Making System for Production Management

Developed together with manufacturing companies IPOsystem automates the processes of planning, direct resource management in production halls and collecting precise data on the actual course of production processes. IPOsystem is a unique and extremely efficient response to problems with high variability of production processes and to problems arising while using regular systems based on planning. IPOsystem is a digital production manager who independently manages employees and machines in the halls, without the participation of planners and direct supervision personnel, ensuring timely execution of production orders with the maximum use of available resources. IPOsystem makes real-time decisions regarding the sequence of implementation and selection of resources for individual technological activities. Each employee/team of employees, after reporting readiness to work in the system, immediately receives an order to perform the optimal technological operation at a given moment. Each time an employee finishes work in IPOsystem, the next system decision is calculated and a command optimized for that moment is issued. Thanks to decision-making algorithms, the entire process of calculating and issuing each task takes no longer than 5 seconds. In this way, each employee in a factory controlled by IPOsystem works in the "Work - report - work - report - .... - work - report" procedure. Such operation of the system is possible only because the calculations of the release of subsequent works are carried out in real time, without the scheduling process! Employees interact with the system using terminals, tablets, smartphones etc. The system continuously calculates the production completion date for each order, informs managers about works that are carried out slower than the applicable standard, and indicates "bottlenecks". IPOsystem operates in nearly 60 factories increasing production efficiency by as much as 15-30%.




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