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15/02/2023 Intec

CERATIZIT Presents an Array of Highlights in Leipzig

Cutting-tool specialist CERATIZIT will be presenting numerous highlights at Intec 2023: In addition to the latest tools for milling, turning and drilling, another hot topic at the tool manufacturer’s stand will be automation solutions.

Whether you’re drilling with a stationary or rotating tool or turning face, inside and outside profiles, CERATIZIT sees the EcoCut as the Swiss army knife of cutting tools. Thanks to supplementary “-P” grades, users now have an update for processing ISO-P steels, allowing them to either optimise their cutting data and process their materials faster, or simply stick to their tried and tested parameters and benefit from longer tool life. According to the exhibitor, output for the new EcoCut-P is 15 per cent greater than that of its predecessors.

Performance is what truly counts: A targeted coolant supply boosts the efficiency of the most demanding machining operations. One more reason for CERATIZIT to complement its DirectCooling product portfolio with MaxiLock-N tool holders. This system consists of two internal channels that keep the coolant aimed directly at the cutting edge. The new process extends service life by 60 per cent compared to a cooling system aimed exclusively at the cutting face, the company reports.

If you want to be sure you always have enough of your favourite tools in stock, then you’re sure to like the Tool-O-Mat. Instead of inspecting your inventory every day, the CERATIZIT automated tool dispensing and storage cabinet does it for you. That’s because the Tool-O-Mat always has the right quantity of your most frequently used tools in stock and, if you want, it will order more before you run out. The latest generation of the tool dispensing system will be on display at Intec.

CERATIZIT will be using the FRACE F-160 aluminium bike at Intec to demonstrate what proper tool choice can do: What at first just looks like a non-descript block of aluminium will gradually be transformed into a mountain bike. DRAGONSKIN-coated CERATIZIT tools make the demanding process of aluminium machining much easier while also making innovative designs such as the FRACE bike possible in the first place.

Photo: CERATIZIT Deutschland GmbH

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