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IPOsystem - autonomous decision-making system for production management
A Produkt of: IPOsystem
The IPOsystem production digital manager is an intelligent system that, without scheduling, independently manages employees and machines in production halls without the participation of direct supervision personnel, ensuring timely execution of production orders with the maximum use of available resource time.

IPOsystem makes optimal decisions about the sequence and selection of resources and activities for the individual production steps in real time. Every employee who reports to the system is immediately instructed to carry out the optimal activity at a specific time. Such operation of the system is possible only because the calculation of the output of subsequent tasks takes place in real time, without the process of scheduling!

IPOsystem operates in 60 factories, managing the work of over 12,000 employees and generating approximately 50,000 operational decisions per day, increasing resource productivity by 15 - 30%.


Mr. Marek Wowra
Mr. Grzegorz Skowronek



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