11. - 14. März 2025 Intec

Aussteller Details

Aussteller Details

Bettonville Ltd.

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Bettonville Ltd, known for laser machines for diamond cutting, presents a new approach to diamond shaping. On display: affordable and versatile laser machine MK7 with 5 axis capability, embedded CAD/CAM software and CAD file translator. Designated for medium and small manufacturers of diamond tools confronted on a daily basis with low volume special tools orders of ever-changing character and design. Capable of reproducing of any relief angle along cutting edges with complex profiles. Suitable also for diamond anvils, diamond water-jet orifices and special profiles of wire dies (PCD and MCD). MK6, the second machine on display, is suitable for CVD diamond producers. Features an innovative approach to slicing for seeds recovery – coring, straight or angular slicing with a very narrow and parallel kerf, laser polishing of the seed surface, all in one go at a cutting depth of 20mm or more.



Herr Maciek Jedraszak
Sales and R&D Director Bettonville Ltd.


Bettonville Ltd.

Slomczynska 21A
05-510 Konstancin-Jeziorna

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