Special exhibitions and forums 2023

The trade fairs Intec and Z were accompanied by three special shows in the fair halls, which presented special exhibits and displayed as well as interesting technical lectures by proven experts and competent users and invited the visitors to a professional exchange.

Additive Manufacturing – Evolution of a modern technology

Sessions at the expert forum:

1. Digitalisation and automation in additive manufacturing
2. The industry's requirements for the use of additive manufacturing
3. Sustainability and economic efficiency of additive manufacturing
4. Toolmaking using additive manufacturing
5. Innovations for tomorrow

Exhibitor Index: Additive Manufacturing

Sensor technology - use and perspectives in manufacturing

Sessions at the expert forum:

1. Intelligent manufacturing through sensor technology, trends
2. Sensor technology in mechanical engineering
3. Predictive maintenance
4. Human-robot collaboration
5. Digital twin, sensors and AI
6. Sensor technology and sustainability

Exhibitor Index: Sensor technology

Fuel Cell Hub

Sessions at the expert forum:

1. Fuel cell systems and components
2. Fuel cell production
3. Primary energy production for / and hydrogen production
4. Coating, functional surfaces; requirements for the producing industry
5. Challenges and opportunities for the automotive/supplier industry

Exhibitor Index: Fuel Cell Hub