11 - 14 March 2025 Intec
The TNC7 from HEIDENHAIN: Greater functionality and convenience for shopfloor-centric manufacturing
The Intec 2023 trade show in Leipzig, Germany, will witness the HEIDENHAIN TNC7, a new CNC control that improves speed, reliability and convenience on the shop floor. Along with graphical support during fixturing, a new function provides graphical support for probing any workpiece, including complex free-form parts. For easy and reliable setup, users enjoy a visualization of the entire work envelope, complete with tooling, fixtures, workpieces and machine components. The TNC7 also takes familiar Klartext programming to the next level, adding smart functions and an all-new graphical programming capability. This graphical programming empowers users to draw contours directly on the touch screen and automatically convert them into the Klartext conversational programming language. You can also still create tool paths using cycles, previously programmed contours and NC programs from prior TNC controls.



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