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LGAir - ensures clean air in your production halls
A product of: Filtration Group GmbH
The new LGAir from Filtration Group Industrial ensures clean air in your production halls. Put an end to bad air and oily floors in your production. Replace inefficient filter systems on your lathes and milling machines with a truly efficient filter systems - for a clean workplace and satisfied employees.

- Operating volume flow 
- The LGAir is suitable for high raw gas concentrations up to 1000 mg/m³
- The clevery integrated pre-separation relieves the subsequent filter stages
- In addition to the two filter stages, a HEPA filter is optionally available. Thus, the air is almost completely cleaned!
- Easy installation and removal - without tools
- Elements can be removed from the side
- Low installation height - min. 30 cm above the ground
- The advanced variant additionally has a vacuum control, as well as a signal output fot the filter element chane


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