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UFO Series - innovative interchangeable tools
UFO Series
The UFO Series is an innovative family of tools consisting of holders and inserts with highly accurate positioning using a conical polygon interface.
● Available from a T-slot of 0.5 mm, increasing by 0.1 mm thereafter.
● 8 different cutting inserts are available: T-slot cutter, forward-backward deburrer, thread whirler, 1/4 circle concave cutter, full radius convex cutter (other applications on request).
● Smallest diameter 10 mm
● High positioning accuracy ensures consistent performance
● High productivity due to many cutting edges (z: 4-8)

For UFO-Mill, we have added a cylindrical centring aid to the patented cone-polygon interface.
his results in significantly better insert seating and maximum stability:
● The patented geometry with 6 cutting edges achieves very high productivity / stock removal rate.
● 3 different heads are available: Corner radius milling head, HF-Torus and HF-Fas milling head.
● Interchangeable head system, regrinding is not necessary


Mr. Alexander Knittel
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