11 - 14 March 2025 Intec
Panasonic robotic welding technology
Panasonic Robot & Welding offers ready-to-use, automated welding systems for arc welding - with welding robots, welding power sources, welding torches, etc. without any interfaces for a wide range of welding tasks in industrial manufacturing. Panasonic robotic welding systems are equipped with robots from the TM-WG3 series (TAWERS system with integrated welding power source) or TM-G3 series (robot with external Panasonic digital power source). In combination with the Panasonic APU servo motor series and a Siegmund welding table, you can also easily realize your own motion module. Together with a Panasonic robot, the proven positioners and servo motors always guarantee accurate positioning and fast reorientation for efficient production. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and find the best solution for your welding task.


Mr. Dipl. Ing. Thorsten Huber
Zwickauer Schweißtechnik GmbH


Zwickauer Schweißtechnik GmbH

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