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Automate without programmers - by using our object-oriented software framework
A product of: Hydrive Engineering GmbH
The object-oriented architecture of our software framework for PLC and HMI code shortens the realisation time and increases the flexibility and reliability of your machine automation. We also supply customised software frameworks with the option of further development.
Our software framework consists of a library of software building blocks for standard automation components and ready-made interfaces to your own tools and features. It automatically organises the data flows between standardised objects, I/Os and interfaces.

Features & Tools
- ScriptExecutor with flow scripts - no programming knowledge required
- JobScheduler for simple and flexible automation of robot cells
- Fast virtual control test
- MachineTerminal for fast commissioning with individual movements of all actuators
- DebugTerminal for troubleshooting with event logs


Mr. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Wehner
Hydrive Engineering GmbH


Hydrive Engineering GmbH

Dresdner Straße 172C
01705 Freital

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