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MAXAGV Automated Guided Vehicles
A Produkt of: MAXAGV AB
MAXAGV offers a wide range of standard Automated Guided Vehicle models and bespoke AGVs that can be adapted to your specific needs and requirements. We handle many different types of loads, everything from light trolleys weighing just a few kg or large car chassis or racks weighing several tonnes. It all depends on our customers’ needs.

AGVs generally have a long-life expectancy but as all electromechanical machinery, it will deteriorate with time. Since we believe in and promote sustainable products, our service division provides Renovation or Retrofit to upgrade your existing AGV. This is a cost-efficient solution that can extend lifetime of your automated vehicle by another 10 to 15 years. Before discarding your automated vehicles, contact us on how we may help to improve your current AGV system.

At MAXAGV we also use our own developed software called Max. Max is a state-of-the art intelligent AGV & Warehouse Control System that runs on a modern client server Windows environment.


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