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EMCO - Hyperturn 45 G3 with standard automation Turn/Mill-Assist TA200
A product of: EMCO Deutschland GmbH

CNC turn-mill centre Hyperturn 45 G3 with standard automation Turn/Mill-Assist TA200

The HYPERTURN 45-G3 impresses with a generous working area and compactness at the same time. This allows the integration of a 12- or 16-position turret with direct drive and BMT interface. The integrated Y-axis with extremely wide guide distances ensures stable turning on the one hand and opens up even more possibilities for milling on the other. The water-cooled direct drive has an output of 8 kW, drills and mills up to 12000 rpm and offers 20 Nm torque. The ideal complement for automation for loading and unloading is the compact Turn/Mill-Assist TA200. With the beginner-friendly user interface, the operator can quickly get started with the implementation and thus decisively increase the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the processes. Working hours can be reduced by up to 70% and profits increased accordingly.


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