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Liftronic EASY-6
A product of: Scaglia INDEVA GmbH

Liftronic® EASY belongs to the INDEVA® intelligent industrial manipulators Liftronic® Series;
Designed for simple applications and non-complex and rapid work cycles. Only standard gripping tools are applicable underneath the force sensing handle. A quick coupling device allows for quick and easy replacement of gripping tools to suit different load types.

Different models are available for capacities up to 320 kg and for applications on different supports: “Column mounted with jointed arm”, “Over head-mounted with jointed arm” or  “Jib-mounted with arm”,  “Linear Version”, “Liftruck mounted”, “Overhead rail/bridge crane mounted”


Mr. Jan Gruß
Scaglia INDEVA GmbH
Ms. Christin Meier
Scaglia INDEVA GmbH


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